World war 2 bunker at Porlock Weir

World War 2 Pillbox, Porlock Weir

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I ended up at Porlock Weir on my last outing around Exmoor. As well as taking more traditional photos I also took some of this world war 2 Pillbox that is an unmissable feature on the pebble beach. There are 2 of these Pillboxes that I know of on Porlock Weir but one of them is in a lot worse condition; looking like it has subsided into the beach.

I tried to create a shot that made the structure imposing, while still showing the Bristol Channel, that it looks over. I quite like the post processing and am quite happy with the end result of this highly photographed element of the Porlock Weir area.




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Tom Bell 3rd December 2014 - 10:26 pm

Nice photograph. Managed to miss this last time I was up so I’ll remember to look next time

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