Westward Ho! Dusk Seascape

by David Gibbeson

I went to Instow initially last night to test out my new wide angle lens. It was really busy though and the tide was right in meaning that I couldn’t get near to any boats, so I headed off to Westward Ho! instead. I left it quite last minute so had to scramble to try and find an OK composition or two before the light faded. There wasn’t much cloud apart from in the distant horizon so I wasn’t overly expecting a great shot.

After scanning through the images that I shot, I actually quite like this photo that is actually taken not long after the sun had gone down. It is nice to finally have a focal length that I have desired for so long. I convinced myself that I didn’t need wide angle until I borrowed a friend’s 12-24 and took a few shots like Westward Ho! at dusk. I just need an ND filter now…


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