Welcombe Mouth Beach Before Sunset

by David Gibbeson

I took this photo of Welcombe Mouth just before sunset tonight. I went with my daughter to try to make the most of a gap in the weather with my camera. I knew that the spring tides were running but was surprised at just how high the tide was when we got there. There was still an hour still to go until high tide. This meant that photographing the attractive rock formations that lead the eye out to the horizon was impossible. It also meant that nowhere was safe, with the sea chucking the odd rogue wave at us that almost kissed the bottom of the cliffs.

I have some much more dramatic shots to post but quite like the sun’s rays in this one. The weather was on the mark too and by 8:30pm tonight the rain was back. Hopefully it will break again over the weekend to allow another jaunt before I go back to work on Monday.


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