Twenty Twenty

The Year that turned the World Upside Down

by David Gibbeson

I am enjoying exploring my creative expression, although it is a little scary at the same time. This year is only a part way through, and it has already taught me a lot. The way that many people view the world has undeniably changed.

We are limited by many things beyond our control but self-impose many limits upon ourselves. Insecurity, or the fear of failing is OK. If you do not occasionally test your limits, you will never find out just how much you can achieve. Photography is an art. Just like any other art, likes or shares do not define it, an artist does. How someone interprets your work is down to them, but if you have nothing to say, there is nothing to listen to. I have realised that I would rather be the Marmite then the bread.

As for the photo, for me it represents this year so far. Once the storm passes and the water calms, the beauty in the reflection will be clear again. I hope you like it.



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