The Evening Light on Exmoor

by David Gibbeson

I love the plethora of colours often on show during the changing hours of dawn and dusk. This tree on Winsford Hill on Exmoor has been a feature in many of my landscape photographs; being on the top of the hill provides a stunning view as a backdrop, which is undeniably rural.

I love the range of subtle tones in this photo; I think you can really get a sense of the temperature dropping as the day ebbs into night. I also like how the break in the clouds is aligned with the tree and the leading lines of the raised ground in the foreground of the photo.

Much of my landscape photography has been of Dartmoor lately, but I still love to take photos on Exmoor too. I think I may have to shoot some photos during the daylight hours soon, as I just don’t have much time to head out for such an early or late shoot at the moment. I think it will be a good challenge as good photos can be had at any time of the day; however I really prefer the golden hours!


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