Stob a’Ghlais Choire, Glen Etive

by David Gibbeson

Stob a’Ghlais Choire was impressive when looking from Glen Etive below, especially as the cloud drifted across the peak. I focused on the intimate landscape for this photo; I loved how the small streams of water were feeding into the much larger stream, which was then entering the River Etive. This is complimented by the lower reaches of Fionn Ghleann, as it leads into the foreground. With the scene’s ambient light and the muted greens, it’s quite easy to imagine yourself there, feeling the Scottish weather.

When viewed larger it is possible to see loads of tiny details that aren’t immediately obvious, like the tree next to the stream. In some ways, I wish there was a recognisable element to give a true sense of scale. Maybe I need to set a timer and run as fast I can into the distance!

Witnessing Nature at Work

Witnessing how much water the mountains can generate in the rain is awe inspiring. The beauty of nature in action is almost hypnotic, especially when trying to comprehend just how much water is being generated from finite points at the mountain tops around you. It would be good to do a nature photography project at some point that centres around this.




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