by David Gibbeson

This image is part of part of a large rock pool that I often walk past to photograph seascapes. There is often something about it that catches my eye. Recently I have been trying to listen to creative voice more to photograph some of the things that I notice. I like the abstract nature of this composition, and the higher saturation. Initially, when I looked in the pool, I saw a uniform pattern, but on second glance I saw organised chaos and depth. Even though the water is shallow, I can easily imagine that so much is going on just beyond the reach of light.

The coastline has much more to offer than just seascape photography. It is filled with so much to see, especially if you afford it more than a passing glance. Rock pools are full of life and the shore is changing with every wave that washes over it. I like that even on the shore you can look closer and see years of history, in the form of tiny remnants of shells and a wealth of tiny stones ground down over hundreds of years.



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