Rain Over the Mountains at Glen Coe

by David Gibbeson

Glen Coe is one of my favourite places on earth. It is undeniably extremely busy and photographed from every conceivable angle by thousands of people every day. However, that doesn’t matter. It is popular for a reason; it is truly a magical place. Every time I drive through the glen I can’t help getting a little excited about what I will notice this time, especially with the dynamic weather and light that changes by the minute.


Rain Sweeping Through the Glen

The three sisters are a part of Bidean nam Bian. They are extremely picturesque and often you can see low cloud skirting the tops of peaks. In this photo I love how the rain is sweeping through the Glen. I didn’t have much time to compose my shot as the rain crept closer. I like how the River Coe is joined by the stream that flows down the mountains, which in turn leads the eye up the void between the peaks.



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