Pleiades (M45) – The Seven Sisters

The Night Sky

by David Gibbeson

The Seven Sisters (Pleiades) is an open star cluster that is a familiar sight in the night sky from the Northern hemisphere during clear winter nights.

While not visible to the naked eye, there is nebulosity around some of the stars that can be captured in longer exposures. You can even see it through some telescopes. This is reflection nebula, where cosmic dust is illuminated by the bright stars in its vicinity.

Astrophotography: A new journey

Astrophotography is something that has always been on my to do list. Until recently, I had never given it much time. The night sky is something that has always fascinated me. I decided that now is a great time to get stuck in with creating celestial images.

I created this image by stacking together 85 images with an additional 15 dark exposures together to reduce noise. They were shot at 58s, ISO1600 on a Canon 700D attached to a William Optics GT-71 telescope.

I am going to be focussing on astrophotography quite a lot where clear skies permit. The challenge of a new area of photography that I can also do from home is something that I am really enjoying. Do not worry if you are a fan of my other photographic work though. I will still be capturing seascapes, landscapes and more!


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