Patterns in the Sand


by David Gibbeson

Patterns in nature have always fascinated me, especially those in sand. As the lock down is being relaxed, I have found myself exploring the quieter beaches nearby. On these beaches I can appreciate the coast without too much of the stress involved with social distancing.

I like that simple images of sand can be quite multidimensional. Of course, it can be aesthetically pleasing. I love how transient sand is, and how each pattern is unique, wiped from existence with each wave. I find looking at patterns in the sand quite meditative. Exploring my creative side, I have come to appreciate ambiguity in some of my work. I now realise that people connecting to an image is important. sometimes, regardless of interpretation.

I love the simplicity of this photo. In its simplest form, it is just a pretty pattern in the sand. However, beyond that for me it represents balance. Now the bias seems to be towards darkness, but within the darkness there is light, and within the light there is dark. It could also be a wave crashing over a beach from above, or a distant galaxy in the universe. Sometimes, what people see in an image is deeply personal, and that is where the beauty really is. What you see in something does not matter, as long as you look.



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