On the Bank of the River Dart

Dartmoor National Park

by David Gibbeson

As the sun nears the horizon the River Dart at Bellever, Dartmoor National Park is beautifully side lit. This warm evening light was making the trees look amazing. I like this one on the river bank, and how it hangs over the water’s edge. The scene is busy and almost chaotic, however it is still easy on the eye and there are lots of smaller details for you to notice. I like the reflections in the river. While I could have reduced them with a polariser, I don’t think it would be apt in this case.

I think that the three rocks balance the image, and I couldn’t shoot this composition without having the grass at the bottom poking into the scene from below. However, I am a strong believer in leaving a place as I found it. And after all, it is still a natural part of the scene; And it is probably too much to edit out without compromising the integrity of the shot.



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