Murky Water

by David Gibbeson

As I walked along a riverbank, the water was dark and murky. The river feeds an estuary and is in a perpetual state of change with the tide. The water can sustain life or hinder it. An interesting conundrum, depending on perspective.

I sometimes take photographs, envisioning scenes that lean more towards artistic expression than photography. The only thing that has stopped me embracing this side of my creativity was my own self-doubt. I fret enough over my traditional photography at times without adding artistic interpretation into the mix. However, I imagine that I am not the only person that is self-critical, especially where art is concerned.

The world is a very strange place right now, almost on pause with time for self-reflection and renewed perspective. I want to venture beyond the creative pigeonhole that I placed myself into. Sometimes, I would like to step outside the realms of traditional photography to embrace self-expression.





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