Morning Mist over Loch Garry

by David Gibbeson

I headed to Loch Garry after photographing Loch Loyne in my previous post. The loch was totally obscured by the thick morning mist (or cloud inversion) that extended across the glen. I felt honoured to be present, and to witness the beauty of the scene before me and photograph it. The only bit I wasn’t keen on was all the midges that were feasting on me!

I liked the lone tree that was on the edge of the mist, almost looking like it is stood above a void. I think the way the hill is stripped bare around it is quite poignant. The subtle view of the mountains in the distance completes the scene.

I found myself using my 70-200 lens for a large proportion of my compositions. While the view of the highlands was amazing, it felt more rewarding to pick out more detailed images.


Mist among the trees in Scotland by david gibbeson landscape photography

The morning mist swirls around the highland trees above Loch Garry.

In the image above the first thing that grabbed me was the wisps floating around the trees. I felt that I needed the path in the lower right of the image to give the eye somewhere to begin to absorb the image. I like how there is so much depth to this image along with the contrast between the felled forests and the standing ones.

After spending time in the Scottish Highlands I have found myself in a bit of a lull photographically. The grandeur of the mountains has struck a chord in my soul, leaving me to want to return as soon as possible; making my usual haunts feel quite mundane. I guess you could call it the photographic holiday blues! I have snapped out of it now and am looking forward to getting out soon to take more images of the south west.

Watch my video

Here is my video from the morning. You will also get a preview of some of the upcoming photos in the next posts: I want to thank everyone that has already watched it. It is my first video to pass 1,000 views. I have also got my first 100 subscribers which I am really chuffed about. Hopefully I can keep making good progress as I improve with practice!



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