Merrivale-stones-dartmoor-at-sunrise in winter

Merrivale Stones, Dartmoor at Sunrise

Ancient Stones

I took this photo of the Merrivale stone rows on Dartmoor at sunrise this morning just as the sun peaked above the horizon towards North Hessary Tor. As the sun crept across the moor it made the stones turn really vibrant as they caught the sun. Although it looks really warm I can tell you that it was absolutely freezing and the wind was howling across the moor.

This photo was taken from the West end of the south stone row looking to the east. I have got loads of great photos from this morning’s trip to the moor, all I would change if I could, would be the addition of a few small fluffy clouds to break up the sky.

There is something undeniably special that you feel in the presence of the megalithic archaeologically precious stones. I found myself absorbing the beauty of the morning while wondering who had been there other the last 4,000 years. I look forward to showing you more photos over the coming days.

After photographing the various Merrivale stones I went to Wistman’s wood. Man what a hike! My Fitbit was happy though with me having walked 12,000 steps before 10 O’clock! All in all it was a great morning of photography. I am really enjoying these dawn photography trips, well apart from getting up at silly O’clock! This is the same for most landscape photographers though and the first good photo makes it all worthwhile.


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