Merrivale Stone Circle

by David Gibbeson

I took this photo of the Merrivale stone circle, after driving the 45 miles to get there. I went with the hope that the sky to do something dramatic and spectacular. The sky didn’t play ball and the cloud stayed low and thick for the best part of the afternoon. By the time we finished taking photos and hiked back to the car the wind was blowing at gale force, and light faded into night.


Part of the Merrivale Stone Circle

I only included part of the stone circle in the image to aid composition, and to make the stones more imposing in the image. I opted to keep the muted colours in the hope of conveying a moody, desolated feeling. This is often the feeling that oozes from the moor oozes when there is nobody around for miles. In the distance you can see Cox Tor, Great Staple Tor, Roo Tor and Great Mis Tor.



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