Merrivale Standing Stone, Dartmoor

Ancient Stones

by David Gibbeson

This is a photo of the south standing stone at Merrivale looking towards the stone circle and beyond to the rest of Dartmoor just after sunrise. You can’t see the stone rows but they are just over the brow of the hill. I said in my last post about this stone about how I was trying to show a real sense of scale and space and a panoramic photo was the answer.

I’m really happy with this photo; I think it gives the stone plenty of scale while still showing the expanse of space that surrounds it. Giving any more space to the photo would have made the stone lose impact. The snow covered tor to the right is Great Mis Tor and the tors to the left are Great Staple Tor and Roos Tor. It’s a shame there is a bit of a hill to the north the view from this stone could have been even more amazing.


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