Last Light

by David Gibbeson

I was walking back to my car as darkness began to envelope Dartmoor National Park when I took this photo. If I am walking back to my car in the dark, it normally means that I have had a reasonable photography outing. When the light is good, I find it hard to call it a day, until the last remnants of light finally fade away. I imagine that is the case for many landscape photographers. On this occasion, the thick cloud engulfing the moor made it abundantly clear that this was the last light for the day. I like the contrast between the darkness over the moor and the last of the light in the distance. It felt like the winter sky was swooping in to extinguish it.

As an image, I think the full potential is not as obvious in smaller versions, but it would look great in a large print. I love the car headlights in the bottom left corner, and how you can barely see the granite rocks that litter the moorland. If you are not careful, it could be all too easy to break an ankle on them. The main subject here though is without doubt the light and how it combines with the distant landscape below. I recommend that you click on the image to see it with a dark background.



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