Kingswear Daymark at dawn

Kingswear Daymark at Dawn

South Devon

I headed out at just after 5 o’clock in the morning yesterday for a day of photography. My first destination was the Daymark at Kingswear. I have seen so many amazing photos of the structure, that I had to see it for myself, and I wasn’t disappointed. However, I missed the actual sunrise by a few minutes due to roadworks which is a shame. I didn’t let it ruin my day though and the light was great.


The Daymark

The Daymark was built in 1864 and stands about 24 metres high. It helps to guide vessels to the Dartmouth harbour; which is notoriously difficult to see from the sea.

Kingswear was one of four destinations that I visited yesterday; I took photos from dawn until dusk. Other than Kingswear I visited Brixham, Fingle Bridge and Great Staple Tor. I clocked up just fewer than 30,000 steps on my Fitbit, walked over 13 miles and drove just under 200 miles. My body is feeling it today; aching all over and I have blisters on blisters! I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again though, however it would have been good to have a photo buddy for some parts. However, I love the solitude too though, and it is a great way to recharge the batteries of the soul! I think full days of photography could be a good way to expand my landscape photography range into the surrounding counties.


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