Instow Sand Dunes on a Cold Day

by David Gibbeson

This photo is the sand dunes on Instow beach. On the day I took this photo it was a really cold and windy day. I tried to capture the mood and bleakness without resorting to black and white.

I think the fence was installed to help protect the dunes from erosion. I think they add a bit of character to the dunes, although I wouldn’t like to see them there all of the time.

Since I have been reinvigorated and have been looking back at my photos I am feeling really positive about photography in general. I have also realised that I have loads of really good images just waiting to be processed. With well over 25,000 unprocessed images in my library I think that I really need to begin to process more! How many images do you have unprocessed in your photo libraries?


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