Evening Seascape at Westward Ho!

by David Gibbeson

Photographing the North Devon coastline is something I really enjoy. The rugged nature means that sometimes, getting to your chosen location to shoot from can be quite difficult. This was the case here, where I found myself chasing the water’s edge as the tide receded. I managed to position myself overlooking some rocks where I was just out of range of the splashes that were reaching a good 10 feet in the air.

In this photo I love the motion of the sea as it flowed in and out of the deep channel to my left. I like that you can see multiple waves in the distance. There wasn’t much cloud on the horizon, but just enough to add a little detail towards the horizon as the sun sank below it.


The Rocks at Westward Ho!

The rocks at Westward Ho! are massive platforms that extend out into the ocean, with deep channels that the water channels through as the waves roll in. The top of these rocks can be quite slippery and are littered with pools, so a lot of care is needed. A good tip to help to save yourself from a fall is to keep your tripod slightly extended so that you can use it as a support. Never venture out too far on the rocks unless you know the tide is receding. Due to the platform levels of the rocks the tide can cover a large distance in a short time.



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