Emergence - Limited Edition Fine Art Print by David Gibbeson

Emergence – A Westward Ho! Seascape

As I arrived at Westward Ho! I could see the sun already dipping beyond the horizon. Kicking myself for missing the sunset, I looked for a vantage point to capture the sea as the tide comes in during the blue hour. I liked this channel in the rocks and how the waves were crashing through them in sequence. Westward Ho! has several of these channels which I love to utilise in my compositions.

I took several shots of the waves, timing them to get multiple ones in the photo and really like this one; especially the structure of the waves and the ripples lapping at my feet. I can’t help but notice the shape of the water and how it looks like a character is beginning to emerge from the sea. Sometimes an image just resonates with you. And this is the case with this photo for me. It is quite wondrous how different people see different things or details in things in pictures. It shows just how powerful images are in being able to trigger emotions or thought, and that is the beauty of art.



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