Distant Light

by David Gibbeson

The change of weather has brought some stormy weather to the UK, a stark contrast to the early summer weather. Standing on the shore the world looks dark, bleak, and empty. In the distance there is a distant path of light dancing across the distant sea. Sometimes the landscape just makes you feel small and alone. Far off on the horizon there is a single yacht, sailing across my view. I wonder what it would be like to be out there on the waves.

I love the layers in this image, and how the cloud is so low, that it is hiding the lighthouse on Lundy Island. Editing this, I find myself wondering if I, the viewer am lost at sea and the island in the distance is the land and the yacht is rescue, but too far away. We all need light on the horizon. For me it is family, and the hope that soon the world can emerge from the storm that seems to have engulfed it. Everything seems so polarized right now.

I am enjoying the process of simplifying my compositions where possible now. The simplicity of this image helps in this case. Although, I think to get the best from it one would need to see this in a large print.

At the moment, I’m quite fascinated by ambiguity. People see different things in different perspectives, and it is interesting to see how people connect to your work, and on what level. Where one person may see danger, another may see adventure. They say a picture can paint a thousand words. If a photo can be a chapter that starts multiple stories, from differing perspectives that is surely a good thing.


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