The Dawn of a New Day

by David Gibbeson

Looking far across Loch Garry there were some stunning cloud formations forming over the distant mountains in the hazy dawn light. A cloud inversion was also occurring over the loch.

Sunrise is a special time of day that I love to photograph. Not only is it often visually stunning, it also represents new beginnings. Today is a day that also signifies a new beginning for me and in a poetic twist, it turns out it is also World Photography Day.

I have been feeling very retrospective in recent months and today I have made a commitment to pursue my dream of being a professional photographer. I have sold plenty of images in the past for many different uses and worked with several brands. However, this has always had to work around my main career at a digital marketing agency. This has also meant that I have had to turn down several assignments because of work commitments. I have now made the move to be able to embrace future opportunities as they arise.

I don’t expect the transition to be fast. However, the journey has now begun. It is important to chase your dreams. Anything is possible with enough effort and of course, luck. Happy World Photography Day.



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