Dappled Light on an Old Tree

by David Gibbeson

Close to my home there is a small patch of woodland that I went to for a walk. The dappled afternoon light was highlighting the forest, as it danced in the breeze. I was drawn to this old conifer tree. Its trunk has amazing texture and colour, the deep colours of the bark and its fibrous strands looked beautiful as the light danced across it.

I wanted it to capture this as an intimate landscape to eliminate any distractions. Just seeing the light across the bark is enough to transport me right back to the forest.


Conifer tree trunk illuminated with dappled light 2 - David Gibbeson


An alternative composition

I took a few shots of the tree as I captured the light that flickered across the bark. Although torn, I think I prefer the version without the side of the tree visible however, I also like the version with it. While the edge gives a hint of context, I just do not think that it adds much to the composition. Which do you prefer?




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