Blackchurch Rock

Hartland Peninsula, North Devon

by David Gibbeson

I have been meaning to head to Blackchurch Rock for ages; especially after seeing pictures of it taken by plenty of other local photographers. The rock is a huge iconic rock at Mouth Mill beach on the north Devon coast. It has 2 huge holes in it. Due to the dull weather I went out with the intention of shooting strong black and white images. I think this one came out really well. I included the sea in this composition to try to give a sense of scale; showing just how imposing Blackchurch rock is on the coastline. You can view it larger in the monochrome gallery.

Be there when the tide is low

To be able to take a photo of the giant rock so that you can see both of the holes, you need to be there when the tide is low. I thought I would have time, but by the time I had walked down the track to get to the beach the tide was already getting too high. The waves were quite high due to the winds we have had so I didn’t want to push my luck too far on the rocks. I look forward to going back there at some point to get some more photos of this imposing natural rock formation.


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