Autumn on the River Teign

Dartmoor National Park

by David Gibbeson

I took this photo of part of the River Teign because I liked the way the river split into two around the small island. This tree that had amazing coloured autumnal leaves, with some catching the light above. I am sure that it has probably been photographed a lot as it is a beautiful scene right on the path up river from the Fingle Bridge on Dartmoor, which is a really popular attraction for people, especially in the autumn. While taking this photo it made me think of the Horseshoe Bend in the Great Canyon that has been shot thousands of times before.

The elements I like in this image are obviously the tree, with its colour and the way it was hanging over the river, the way the path follows the river bank and the way that you can see the banks through the compost coloured water as it shallows around the small island.

An Amazing Autumnal Photography Spot

Fingle Bridge and the River Teign around it is an amazing spot for autumnal photography; I really wish that I had visited it before. Fingle Bridge is one of four locations, on my dawn until dusk escapade. I saw plenty of other photographers at Fingle Bridge. However, many of them were on the other side of the river. This made me worry that I had chosen the wrong side! It did mean that I couldn’t stop and chat though which is really enjoyable.

Shortlisted for Outdoor Photographer of the year

This photo is short-listed in the 2015 Outdoor Photographer of the year competition in the “At the water’s edge” category! I’m chuffed to make it this far; the other entries are outstanding.


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