A Tree on Exmoor at sunset.

An Exmoor View at Sunset

Exmoor National Park

I had the day off of work yesterday so decided to head out for a few hours with the camera. I just headed for Exmoor with the aim of seeing where I ended up as sometimes it can make it a little more sporadic and interesting.

The sun broke through once or twice until eventually the mist and fog rolled in. I saw a line of trees while on the way up to Dunkery so stopped to try to capture them, you know the typical row of trees disappearing into the mist shot. I took a few shots and wasn’t overly impressed with the shots but they may make for a blog post in the near future. I haven’t processed them yet but hopefully one will be OK.

My trip up to the cairn was cut short by the mist rolling in and the group of frowning faces looking at me like I was some sort of criminal. They all looked like farmers and I can only assume that they were to do with the hunt that I could hear a short distance away. I suppose it is only natural for them to be weary of some guy wondering around with a camera…

I was making my way back home in my usual ‘see where I pop out of the moors’ method and was blessed by the sun breaking out of the cloud for a few minutes. I was on my way from Withypool heading towards South Molton but I’m not sure of the exact location. I saw this tree and instantly knew the shot that I wanted to capture. I literally had to run across 50 yards of rough terrain with my camera and tripod and then run back again because I forgot my ND grad! I managed one or 2 shots and then the light was gone again but I was hopeful and happy that I could have got the day’s good photo.

This photo is a bracketed shot (3 exposures) and processed as a HDR while trying to keep the processing as natural and as close to the actual scene as possible. I’m extremely happy with the photo except for the fact I wish I could have got the rolling valley below into the composition better. I’m still happy to have one more landscape photo in the bag though.


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