An Evening at Morte Point

by David Gibbeson

I have wanted to photograph Morte Point for a long time, but never seem to have gotten around to it until now. The scene is muted as the sun heads towards the horizon, dipping behind the cloud. Scouting the area, I found this imposing rock that I like. I love the structure of it and how it has lichen growing on its edges. Looking away from the light, I like the composition of how the rock is a leading line towards the lighthouse at Bull Point in the distance.

It is amazing how vulnerable this rock looks, although I am sure it is very strong. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it gone in years to come. The rock structures at Morte Point are full of character; the headland almost looks like it has a ridge of rocks on its back like a dinosaur. I intend to revisit it often to capture it in detail.




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