A Stunning View from Connel, Scotland

by David Gibbeson

The rain had lightened after being consistent for most of the day. Despite it still being cloudy, I headed out with my son to look for a viewpoint in case the cloud broke. We photographed trees near Ben Cruachan, on the shore of Loch Awe. However, the weather wasn’t looking promising at all.

Heading towards Oban

I thought it was worth heading towards Oban to scout out potential images. I wanted to be along the shore of Loch Etive to get a good composition of the water, with a backdrop of mountains. As we headed west towards Oban, we caught the tiniest glimmer of light just on the visible horizon.

An ideal spot to photograph in Connel

I found this location in Connel that looked ideal. The yacht in the bay was perfect for the scene and the light was magical. It was as if someone had opened a zip along the cloud in an ideal spot; This revealed an amazing sky at just the right time. With stunning light, we took photographs deep into the blue hour. I love how the clouds are still hitting the mountains across Ardmucknish Bay, and how they are almost parallel with the horizon.

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