A Stormy Day in Devon by David Gibbeson

A Stormy Day

Coastal Stormy Weather

I love to watch the sea, especially during stormy weather. In fact, I love to watch the waves during any weather. Part of my allure to seascapes is the emotion or wonder that they can invoke. On the surface, it is just a picture of the coast, which is nice. Beneath the surface though, I find it hard not to imagine myself at sea or the mystery beyond the horizon. It is these moments that I often find myself thinking about life, memories, and loved ones.

Sometimes, the world has a way of putting you in front of a stormy sea literally, or otherwise. What can seem turbulent, can also be calming while you take a moment to make sense of things. Recent times have taught me that life can change as quickly as the state of the sea. Life, death, Illness, love, work, play. These moments for me also bring clarity and a new appreciation for life and everything that I cherish.

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