A Seascape View from Westward Ho!

by David Gibbeson

If you visit North Devon, watching the sun set from Westward Ho! should definitely be on your list. From the ridge of large pebbles, the view is amazing, as you look out towards Lundy Island and beyond. The energy of the waves rolling in from the Atlantic are beautiful.


The cooler tones of twilight

Often, sunset is often perceived as being orange, and warm. Sometimes however, they can be much subtler, especially as the sun gets lower towards the horizon. On this occasion, the wind had been howling and the warm light had already passed, and was transitioning to the cooler tones of twilight.

As I followed the ebbing tide while taking my photos, the smooth boulders look amazing, with their wet sheen giving them extra dimension. I love the sky in this image; while still dynamic, it has an air of calm to it. Because the warm light had passed, any other spectator had made their way home, leaving me to enjoy the approaching calm, and savour the view, all to myself.


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