A Rainy Day at Welcombe Mouth Beach

North Devon

by David Gibbeson

I was unable to get out with my camera during the good weather window this weekend so decided to try to get some more images for my rainy days project. I found myself at Welcombe Mouth beach. Knowing that the tide was out, I was hoping to capture lots of different seascapes under the shelter of my umbrella. I was even hoping to try out my new Lee Big Stopper but alas, the weather wasn’t going to make it easy for me.

Holding a golf umbrella in brisk winds is often a challenge, especially when also trying to manoeuvre my Manfrotto tripod and Canon 5D Mark 2 along with it. I must have looked quite a sight from the vantage point of the car park. I knew I was going to have to work to some degree to capture an image or 2 of any worth, but still found myself cursing at the weather. The composition I was trying to shoot was facing into the wind and no amount of wiping my Lee filter clan would keep the spots off it enough to get a clean photo.

Eventually I moved on to capture an alternative composition that faced away from the wind enough to be able to keep the lens clear of the majority of the rain. I loved how the low cloud and fog hung over the cliffs like a crown of gloom. I loved the composition of the rocks in this photo and how the texture of the freshly exposed sand complimented the scene.


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