Scottish Mountains: A Panoramic View

by David Gibbeson

I photographed this vista from the west end of Loch Glascarnoch in Scotland. I love the way the closer peaks frame the distant mountains. This scene suits a panoramic image perfectly; I really like the contrasting tones across the mountains as the clouds race across the sky.

I haven’t photographed this location before but, to me, it looks like much of the open land is normally covered by water. The low water reveals a plethora of rocks and driftwood, which would be great to photograph in other compositions. However, as I said in my last post, I’d like to revisit this loch when the water levels are higher to see the full scale of its beauty.

I think that the distant mountains are:

  • Bienn Daerg
  • Leac an Tuadh
  • Ceann Garbh
  • Cona Mheall

I would love to spend much longer at the mountains and lochs of Scotland, because photographing them would be a fantastic landscape photography project. You can see a larger version of this photo in the panoramic landscape photography section of this website.



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