A Moody North Devon Coastline

by David Gibbeson

The UK coastline is particularly rugged in North Devon and Cornwall. Looking west along the coastline away from Blackchurch Rock, I saw a stunning scene before me. The coastline wise adorned with beautiful rock formations, stunning cliffs, and the finishing touch, was a waterfall, cascading onto the beach. The light made moody images the goal for the day and I’m happy with the results.

I balanced the composition by using the waterfall and the foreground rocks as they key elements in the image. The leading lines of the cliffs, and the water’s edge work really well. I used subtle colour, rather than black and white to emphasises the mood.

Rugged Cliffs and Rock Layers

The cliffs are rugged, all along the coastline. I particularly love how you can clear see the different layers in the rock that forms them. I think this gives the cliffs an even stronger presence, and they really are imposing, as they loom over the beach.

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