A House in Glen Coe

by David Gibbeson

I love to photograph the landscapes of the Scottish Highlands at any opportunity. I find them awe-inspiring. This house is probably one of the most photographed houses in the area of Glen Coe, right up there with Black Rock Cottage. It doesn’t matter to me though; I still love to photograph it. If I ever win the lottery, that is a house I would love to own. Living in the mountains with a loch (Loch Achtriochtan), a waterfall and amazing scenery would be a dream. The midges and the hordes of tourists would be a minor inconvenience, but it would be a price worth paying!

In this photo I like the composition, using the house as the anchor for the scene. I think the leading lines from the waterfall, fence, driveway and loch all compliment it. A big challenge shooting in the Scottish Glens is to keep the exposure of the sky under control when contrasted against the mountains. This was toned down slightly in Adobe Lightroom to balance the image but is still from one exposure. I think there is something quite evocative about clouds brushing the peaks. I think it makes the mountains look even more majestic.


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