A Boat in the Rain, Instow

Fine Art

by David Gibbeson

I’ve been meaning to get out with my camera over the New Year but haven’t managed to due to the weather and commitments. Having not been to Instow beach for a while, I was keen to revisit there, rain or shine. Instow is one of my favourite locations; I headed there armed with a few ideas for moody images. On my arrival, I was greeted by low visibility due to the rain and sea fog; perfect for photographing moody scenes.

Simplifying the scene using long exposures

To make the most of the weather, I decided to use long exposures using a telephoto lens, and my Lee Little Stopper 6 stop ND filter. This gave me the ability to isolate subjects while smoothing out any waves to simplify the scene.

A yacht resting on the beach

Heading out to the water’s edge I must have looked quite a sight, carrying an umbrella in one hand and a tripod in the other. As the tide continued to ebb, I saw this yacht as it rested on the beach, still partially submerged. The yacht and the coastline beyond made a great composition. I love the simplicity of this image, which still features the coastline in the distance; even a bird that was using the yacht’s mast as a viewpoint.

Resisting the urge to make the image black and white, I really like the subtle blues of the yacht. I think it emphasises just how grey a day it was. The boat was still resting on the sand meaning that a sharp image of it was still achievable despite the movement of the sea during a long exposure.

Getting out in all weather

Getting out with my camera while the weather isn’t ideal has been rejuvenating. Poor weather offers great opportunities to capture moody, atmospheric scenes which is something I love to do. I am looking forward to adding more rainy day images to my collection soon.

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