A Barren Desert Landscape

by David Gibbeson

A view from above could reveal a barren desert landscape that hosts a long dry riverbed. An ideal place for a landscape photographer. The growing abundance of straight down drone shots make these overhead views much more normalised.

The thing I like about abstract images is that you can see different things each time you look. Abstract images allow room for imagination, much like looking for shapes in clouds. What is one minute a barren desert landscape, could next look like the texture of a roughly rendered wall. In reality, it is just a tiny portion of a sandy beach at low tide. Recently, I have been enjoying creating minimal aesthetically pleasing images. Not every image has to tell a story or to be a Magnum Opus.

Now that I am trying to make my way as a professional artist and fine art photographer, I have realised that it is OK to create whatever I want. Not everything has to be a window into my soul. However, even just creating things that I like is that on some minute scale.


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