by David Gibbeson

About David Gibbeson

Fine Art Photographer & Visual Artist

I am a fine art landscape photographer and visual artist from Devon. I aspire to create images that people will pause to look at for that extra moment and relate to on some level. I am also keen to help others to improve their skills. I think the photograph is a powerful medium. Like all art, it is a universal language.

In addition to producing commercial and stock imagery,  I explore my creative expression in the form of fine art photography. Sometimes, these images may transcend the edges of realism, as I experiment with light, emotion, colour, and tone. However, I do not add elements to my compositions that are not already present.

I enjoy photographing the South West of England and beyond. In my travel and landscape photos I like to be an ambassador for the places that I visit.

While I often have a specific image in my head when I travel to locations to take photos, I love making the most of whatever Mother Nature throws my way; sometimes she blesses you with unforgettable moments that make capturing them even more special.

My photographic work has been published and used in a variety of ways including fine art prints, stock imagery, displays, published in books, magazines, and brochures. All artwork on this website is the property of David Gibbeson and subject to copyright laws. All rights are reserved. If you would like to use my images in any way, contact me and let me know what you require and I will get back to you right away.

My Gear

To create my art, I use Canon photographic equipment and have no immediate plan on swapping to another brand. Like many Canon photographers I aspire for bags full of L glass! My main Camera is a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. This is a reliable camera that has excellent weather sealing.